Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Some updates...

I've been doing a LOT of thinking lately.

I may or may not do another EA book - I'm going to see how things shake down over there, but the lack of leadership (a truly recurring theme in many of the communities I'm involved in right now) spells bad things in my mind. It is good to keep in mind that Jessica is pregnant, isn't she? And somewhere close to term? Hopefully nothing bad has gone down, and things will just generally cycle back up. We'll see. But I'm not going to schedule an EA book into my timeline at this point.

I AM going to do a series of EMG books. They will be called Origins, and they will highlight a particular mythological creature. They will have a non-fiction and fiction section, concentrating on the origins of the creature. There will be a section of color plates, as well as grayscale sections. The first creature will be dragons, second will be unicorns. I'm not doing fairies until I've got at least six or seven of these suckers successfully done, because fairies are saturating the market right now.

Don't get your panties in a twist about submitting Right Now, because this project has a very lengthy timeline: 12-18 months, probably. I intend to layout most of the book first, and then fill it with what I think should be there, not see what comes in and make it fit. Just a headsup for my loyal readers. :P

I'm also working on EMG-zine; I've got some ideas stewing for a few articles there, and I want to get submissions open next week, and pre-subscriptions (At a special, low-low rate!). Probably, since Jennie's still full-steam on the PA site (which needs her energy), I will take submissions via email for the first issue. Eventually it will go through the wonderful lilypad like the rest of EMG. But since editing capabilities aren't necessary (and would in fact be a liability) for EMG-zine, it's not really necessary. The theme of the first issue is Phoenix, folks!

Also thinking about logistics of offering limited edition collectable cards through EMG. They'd be another optional product; I was thinking ACEOs, but they wouldn't be signed, just numbered, so probably they wouldn't technically be ACEOs. So just something along those lines. Input would be welcome!

Anywho, I've decided not to do NaNo. It's already the 4th, and I've just got too much to do. I've also decided I really need to stop investing lots of energy into other groups I'm a member of. Seems pretty futile right now, and I've got plenty to concentrate on anyway. So you'll probably see less of me away from the EMG forums and LJ. I do still have a few short stories I want to write for Kaz, for fun, so if I get a writing bug, I'll work on those.

Oh! And I forgot to post about this: the Aruthurian Show never went up at EA, and there was no word about it, so Maria in her generosity decided to host her own show, since everyone had already done the work for it. You can comment! Please do! I'm a whore for comments!

Also - JESUS... printers drive me crazy. Not only did I not get the proof for Urusla's calendar on Mon or Tues as promised, but now they're asking 'when did you upload the files? I don't think we have them...' in reply to an email where, in the backlog, they said they had them and they would have a proof on Mon or Tuesday. GARH!!!

I have a raspberry truffle latte, so things are still peachy.

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