Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Thursday, again.

Wish3 proofs came in yesterday - but they got a corrupted cover file... the bottom inch is just garbled ugly noise. I'll have to re-upload. The interior pages look fine.

Also got my *gorgeous* calendar from selinafenech - thank you so much Selina!! :)

Put more EMG work up - feeling irrate with artists who aren't putting them online. HINTHINT. As a note, they go up in the order I put them up, so if you dawdle getting them changed to online, you won't get shown on the front page! Don't make me hunt you down...

Norway's settling in just great. The two extra dogs make it a very FULL house when they are all in, but everyone gets along so long as I put the chew toys away. Velcro is queen of the house, still, and if Norway chases her, she totally deserves it. I caught her doing the ambush, pounce and run to Norway last night.

Printing stickers and cards...

La la la...

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