Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

listlistlistsss... and otherstuff.

~Book of originals
~More prints of: Northern Lights II, Stubborn II, Bad Snowy, Freedom, Atlantis and ...? Crystal Fairy?
~Example t-shirts
~Bookmarks - make more dragonsled if I don't have any in stock
~Literature stand for coloring books, Atlantis book, and stationery
~Magnets and stand
~Angles to sketch on, and wyvern rider commission.
~Candy for cauldron
~Mousepads (just two left, I think, and transfers are on order)- monday I should go by Kev's and buy enough mousepads and transfers to do Jan's order.
~Business cards/postcards
~Change purse
~Snack (or cash for cafe)
~Stickers for pricing, etc.
~Invoice book

Theme of the week has been Bite My Tongue. Fortunately, tomorrow begins a fresh, clean week, and things seem to be calming down.

Got my updates in for Fairy Court, and made an image for the calendar.

I HOPE they look good. I'm dying to know if they've arrived yet. UPS tells me 'tracking information is not available.' UGH.

I should have proofs of Ursula's calendar on Mon or Tues.

I watched The Nightmare Before Christmas tonight, for the first time. Cute! Rather adorably macabre! I liked the animation style.

Eek! Spam filter sent two valid emails to the junkbox. I'm glad I check it. I'm even more glad they rate the messages according to spamminess so I don't have to manually sift the six zillion mesages to find any possible good ones.

Went to a hockey game last night, and had the pleasure of watching our beloved Nanooks beat the snot out of the number one ranked team in our division. The only thing lacking was a cheese pretzel. (But we forgot to bring cash.) I just checked - we lost badly tonight! Oh well...

Okay, off to have ice cream and Batman. (The Animated Series... wow, I'm a total addict to this show. :))

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