Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

I have a new chair!

I needed one badly - the one I had was just TOO short, and tippy, and I think it was tilted, and it made my back hurt.

So, Jake and I went drafting stool shopping, and found a gem - it's got an adjustable foot rest (bliss!) and it goes far enough down to be a standard desk chair, plus way higher than I even need for the drafting table! It has arms, and the back is *exactly* what I need, with lumbar support that's adjustable. LOVELOVELOVE. So much more comfortable. It was the floor model, too, so we got 40% off! Yay! Still a $200+ chair, but worth it if my back doesn't hurt!

Handful of EMG designs 'up,' working on more, and ansering emails now. Next, postcards. Then some art, lunch, a billion loads of laundry while I fill orders, and maybe a movie tonight. :)
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