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Got another 12 EMG entries up today (though only one of them shows up 'cause folks aren't logging in and changing them to online. HINT)

Ursula's calendar is finished and uploading the last segment. Once I've seen the proof and get a shipdate, I'll open up pre-orders. I'm only getting 100 made, and I suspect they'll go fast. The FC calendars are enroute. They might arrive in CA today. I don't have anything to do with ordering those, but I'll let folks know when they are available.

After much grinding of teeth and thinking and more grinding of teeth, and really hard consideration, I've decided not to do the third calendar. A) It stretches me a bit too thin financially. B) I didn't get very many entries - most of them were from just a few artists, and I wanted something more spread out. C) I'm burnt out! It took forever to do the Fairy Court and Ursula's calendar, and I sort of boggled and twitched at the idea of doing that a third time. Hopefully folks will understand. We'll do one next year.

I'm moderately happy with the two I got done. Not ecstatic - I learned some stuff as I went along, but quailed at the idea of going back and re-doing what I'd already done, so they won't be perfect. Next year - next year they will be perfect. PERFECT. (maybe...) I had a dickens of a time writing the end-bits for Ursula's calendar. I mean, following her written bits is like a kid with a kazoo following a philharmonic. But less cute.

Drew with Jennie today - I love our art boot camps. :) We do something we 'don't want to' for 1/2 hour a day. Friday, we drew from a prompt (galloping kids, two random words from Reader's Digest), Monday we did 10 min full-body sketches of each other holding a broom + two 5 minute sketches with foreshortening. Tuesday, we skipped. Today, we drew from the same reference photo - Dean Cane from a Vogue. Fun stuff!

Today, I meet Jake at 4 in town to get a new chair. My drafting table is too high for the chair I have - it cause a LOT of backpain and subsequent whining.

Really, REALLY losing respect for Epilogue at record speed. Shame, really.

Orders (ebay, print service, and retail) - two print services and one wholesale left to fill.
Open discussion at EA about reprinting VoA
Calendars (finish)
Open discussion at FC about calendar pricing, etc - not right now.
Email O about November advertising of new PA site
Post 50 new EMG pieces and nag artists - 29+ up. Nagging done.
Update EMG page with forum announcement and Gulliver's appearance
Update email list with new work, artist list with nag about approving new work
Postcards!!! - !!!!
Babysit nephews Mon 6:30-8:30 - ew, stomach flu...
Pick up Isaac from speech Tues 2:40
Gaming Tues 6.
Emails. (urgh) Get inbox down to 30. (currently, 158 - I'm STILL going the wrong direction...)
Email to yahoo group about how cropping/contract/print service works
Prep for Gulliver's next week.
Call Inner Peace
Order transfers

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