Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million


Still trying to restore connectivity to my laptop, and still running into problems.

Actually, the connection's not the problem, I'm fairly sure.

The router seems to be running fine - works great with Jake's computer and I was able to log in to Trillian with no trouble, too. But Firefox is giving me fits! Evertime I boot it up, I get a 'Netscape Communicator Quality something something...' I don't even have Netscape installed on my computer. Rrrr...

(browses the firefox help forums...) Looks like this is a common, and recent, thing. I'm downloading the current version of firefox now; hopefully that will fix the problem.

Edit: Horray! It works! I have connection on my Very Own Laptop. :)

Another thrilling hour and a half in Ellen's exciting life.

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