Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Back at work...

I got a raise! I should take two months off of work more often. :P $xx/hr is pretty sweet. *is pleased*

By brute force, we got our power and phone cables buried yesterday. It was windy, and snowy, and the ground was half-frozen. 400 damn feet of trench to de-rock and re-bury, plus the struggle with the cords and the warning tape, and the sand, and the snow. It was not fun, not even a little, and I’m surprised I don’t hurt a lot more today. It was a very loooong, very cold, very windy day. We were pretty sure we weren’t going to be able to finish it, but we did!! We got the cables buried! Which means we’re ready for hookup in two months. Or whenever they get around to getting the poles up. Still planning to buy a woodstove, both because we don’t know when we’ll get power, or how reliable it will be, and because we like woodheat. J Plus, we have looooots of wood.

I’m bringing the work camera home tonight. Hopefully it will be light enough to take a few house pictures. We have a roof, and upstairs windows. And a septic system! (For all that we have no power to run the plumbing or any fixtures to flush into it yet…) Still no front door or bottom floor windows, either, but sheesh… give us some time, will ya?

Art muse and writing muse are feeling understandably abandoned… I want so badly to get back to creative pursuits.

No Internet at work today, but only on my computer, which is brand new. (Like I said, I should be gone more often!!) Email works, though, and I should be good my first day back anyway…

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