Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Not a bad morning!

I got the Wish3 vol 1 cover finished to the new specs and am uploading for the printer now. Yay!

I got the rest of the EMG import - with a few squirrelly exceptions that require me to hunt up some non-standard files - FINISHED! I also added three *completely* new designs, except they won't show up until the artists verify the settings and set the status to 'on-line.' You artists with work in the queue should keep an eagle eye on the lilypad; adding new work is actually quite quick (*especially* when compared to the clunky old method), and you may see things start to show up with alarming speed. *grins*

Looking through, some of those 194 pieces that supposedly are ready to go up, aren't. I don't have print files for some of them. (6 months later...)

Also, 'cause I hadn't posted a link to it yet: rough guidelines are up for EMG-zine!
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