Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Another Tuesday...

Almost 10. I was horribly jealous when I left Jake all cozy in bed with a hot cup of coffee to drive in through the snow to meet with the business manager of Gulliver's. But, we're all set for my Meet the Artist thing at the end of the month - she approved all the stuff I was planning to sell and scheduled the conference room for me. She gave me the comment I am most used to hearing: 'Wow, you've been busy!'

At 11, I call North Pole about a wholesale delivery. In the meantime, two large-ish t-shirt orders need to go out.

This weekend was fun, but once again, very un-weekend-like. Next weekend, I'm demanding a day of nothing. however, all the hard work was ENTIRELY WORTH IT.

We built shelving, and finished siding, and bought more shelving (out of necessity, my studio is going to be PACKED with shelves...), and moved my drafting table back in, and built Jake a new desk (because he'd been using my drafting table) and moved my art shelves out of the bedroom and ...well, wow! I have a studio. There's still a little more to build - we need to fabricate something deeper to hold the heatpress, and a computer desk (and huuuuuge printers) will fill up the empty space at the end. But I have a studio!

A billion emails to answer! Probably won't do much of that today because I'll be on dial-up when I have computer access at all.

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