Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Headless chicken! Headless chicken!

Okay, got orders out yesterday. Already have more orders to get out tomorrow; plan to stay at the house all day today.

Gaming was a blast last night - we got to fight giant spirit mantis-creatures in rubbled Chicago. :)

Much, much administration sorts of stuff to do today - there are apparently problems with the fairy court calendar files that I thought was DONE and I guess isn't. *sulk* Big print service t-shirt order to fill, had to order shirts. (already done) Also got some very promising wholesale inquiries, we'll see how those pan out. Some fires to put out, some rabble-rousing to do... a usual day in Ellen's life.

I want a nap. Last night's sleep was horrid - I woke up with a coughing fit at one point that *wouldn't* stop. The only drugs I had were nighttime, and it was too late to take them and still wake up in the morning. (I'm a lightweight when it comes to sleepaids) For about an hour, I lay there trying SO hard not to cough, with that tight chest feeling, and the 'I'm drowning in my own lungs' feeling and the 'if I just coughed, it would be gone (except I knew it wouldn't...)' feeling. Bleh.

The night before last, I had sketchbook dreams. Does anyone else get these? No plot, particularly, just flipping through a sketchbook of mine, full of very distinctly MY work, which I can remember very clearly even now, but are things I've never drawn. Inspiring, actually. Wish I had more arttime! :)

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