Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

EMG-Zine and weekend

Oy... isn't it still the weekend? I didn't get enough weekend, darn it!

Oh well, it was still a nice one. We set up the bookcase we got from Karen and Tom, and unpacked a load of books. Precious art books! Precious artbooks that I haven't seen in SIX years in some cases!!! We also cut the shelves and back for the bookcase that will enable me to unpack a few more boxes. *glee* We also finished cutting the few remaining bits of siding that need to go up in the studio. Those can be put up, we're buying shelves at lunch today, and we're about ready to move EMG in. *eeee!* We also hung art in Jake's den area. It was very good stuff to get done. Very good. But it wasn't very weekend-y.

We watched War of the Worlds, the 2003(??) version, and it was pretty awful.

Also, secret exciting project number 523 is no longer secret: I'm putting out an e-zine! It'll be released in January, and will reside at www.emg-zine.com. It will be fantasy/sci-fi, and aimed at the creative arts (more for writers and artists than anything). Ursula will be doing a column, Jennie will be doing a humorous write-in column, we'll have comics, artists (and writers) bootcamps, interviews, technical articles, and lots of other groovy stuff. Archives will be subscription-only, and a subscription will cover a copy of the yearly best-of anthology. Accepted submissions will be paid in EMG credit. The theme of the first issue is pheonix - if anyone is interested in submitting, or in being a regular contributor, or in being part of the chaingang... er... support staff, please let me know.

Okay, stuff to do...

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