Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

*comes crawling out of the pits of oblivion*

We were crazy. We were completely NUTS. I don't know how we came to the conclusion that we were qualified to build a house.

Somehow, though, it's really coming together. Slowly, yes. And we broke down and hired someone to put up the roof for us (because it's going to snow any day now and three beefy contractors who aren't afraid of heights can do it a hell of a lot faster than we can). I've got tons of stories to tell, and I have to go steal the camera from work again so I can take recent pictures.

Got my horoscopes written (Yay, me!), still have two Ask Lovemakers to write and I have to maim Takarth for Kadanzer.

Oh, and orders. Must get orders out. And call Northland wood with my credit card number so they can credit me for 4 pounds of nails.

And clean out Velcro's box, and call Karen and Melody. And go to work tomorrow and find out how displeased everyone is that I've been on leave without pay for more than two months...

Tags: house building

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