Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million


What a weekend!!

I slept in Saturday, to a decadent 11 AM. About noon, having drunk leisurly coffee and enjoyed fresh-baked bacon, toasted bagel and creamcheese, Jake and I decided to take care of vegetables. We had a garden this summer; or rather, we collaborated on a garden. Matt and Nicki did almost all of the work, but we did help plant and pay for seedlings and occasional other stuff. We got a cut of the plants, of course, and they were going to go bad *really* soon. Also, our fridge was *stuffed*. So we blanched up gallons and gallons of carrots, collard greens, kale, more kale, cabbage, brussel sprouts, and beets. Mmm... Now, our freezer is full of wonderful garden vegetables, our fridge is clean, and we'll have tasty food all winter. It was a very good thing to do. It was a LOT of work.

About 5, I sat down with my Aurthurian piece, determined to at least make a good effort on getting it finished. It was due at 9, if I guessed the right timezone (central - if it was eastern, I'm boned!). At 8, I still wasn't sure I'd be finished... my hands were *killing* me after chopping and cutting all the vegetables, and then 3 hours of mad, mad stippling. I wasn't even finished with the sketch when I started... I stopped several times mid-inking and repositioned various elements. Jake helped me out that last hour - timed me to make sure I didn't go over my scan and email time, made me take ten minutes before a 15 minute 'last chance/fixem' marathon and rubbed my shoulders and brought me a glass of wine. :)

I did make it! And I like the piece, no less. (See last post)

Then, on Sunday, I met Jennie, ordered pizza and chilled some Coke's, and we went on a matting marathon! Okay, Jennie matted. I picked colors, wrote blurbs for each piece, constructed a business postcard holder and did a load of laundry.

The show looks great. I took pictures, but they're on the laptop, so you'll just have to wait. We hung it this morning; no problems at all. I think we filled up the space really *nicely* - not too cluttered, but still lots to look at and read. I priced fairly optimistically - some prints in the $10-20 range (matted), some originals up to $300. I can mark them down if I feel like it, if not, I won't. I put out postcards, too, and if I don't sell anything on the spot, well, there's a chance to drum up some general business at least. I've got copies of Dotminatrix and Visions hanging up in bag; I want to check later today to make sure they're sturdy enough to take the wear. I've arranged to be on-site for the last Sunday and Monday (halloween!) of the show to sign stuff, make sales and bring books and orders. :)

Alright, now to work more on backing up this computer for its upcoming overhaul, and work on getting a few orders out.

Oh! Check out my eBay auctions - they end in a few hours. :)

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