Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

End of the week...

I hang my show Monday morning. I will take photos. Lots of photos. They sounded enthused about a meet-the-artist/booksigning on the the 30 and 31st. :) Wouldn't that be cool? We'll discuss more on Monday. They might carry the Atlantis book, too... *think hurry-up vibes at the post office*

I got 31 EMG entries imported today, time for a break! I also worked a commission up to final payment stage, waiting on that before I do the last touches... basically just add a fiddle.

The PA site is being imported right now, too. Woot! So nice to see progress. :)

And a reminder about my eBay auctions... lots of stuff is still very cheap. :) Those earrings in particular get me a lot of comments when I wear them... I may have to re-photograph them to do them justice.

Wrote some reminder emails to old commission/adoption clients. I may try to sell that big Golden Apples piece I did for a submitted description. I liked the way that turned out, and the client hasn't written since April, despite emails in May and July. I wrote one today that bounced back as account is disabled, so I'm guessing I won't see my money out of that sucker. Oh well.

Now, cross your fingers for some Arthurian inspriration tonight or tomorrow.

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