Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Notes for myself


Wrestling gigantic tarps
The joys of nailguns and the woes of ladders
Mountain of pea gravel (and the sign)
The Hole of Death
Hammers and Ellen's wimpy girl arms.
The fine art of splinters
Why Ellen Shouldn't Lift Walls. Bad Ellen.
Progression of The Entrance
The Connex box
Rediscovering our Driveway
The Importance of Construction Staging
Ants in the Joists
Home Despot
The Weird Window
The great migrating bruise herds
Floor Glue
Stair Stringers
Why My Parent's Neighbors Think We're Delinquent
My Art Callouses are gone
Laying out sills
How to construct a house hauling things strapped to the top of a Subaru.
Buried power
Behind on everything, backlogged, always exhausted and living out of suitcases.
Loving my life, my husband and land, and enjoying the work that we're doing. Remembering that it's all small stuff, and not sweating it, even though we look at the weather forecast together and try not to cringe at the s-word.
Tags: house building
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