Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million


Nightmares, most of the night. Cold sweats. The bathroom dreams, I shall skip. (Mostly, just needing to go REALLY bad, and all the bathrooms were right out in public in front of god and everyone...)

The other dreams are right out of the Atlantis project and the calendars; I had a proof for a book I supposedly did, that was already at the press with MY name all over it, and I was looking at the pages saying, 'this is the ugliest thing I've ever seen. There's no flow! The fonts are unreadable! The paragraphs have no breaks! There are typos EVERYWHERE! Take my name off of this!!' But of course, it was too late. Then, I got chased around by some mobs and woke up.

Feeling a little horrible for underestimating the number of books I'd need, and wishing there had been some way to bring more of them home with me. But we had already maxed out the luggage and had to have the postcards mailed too. I should have stuffed the books in flatrate priority boxes. Who knew?

I was more than a little surprised by the closure of Elfwoodrants. Not so much that the mods wanted to close it ('cause let's be honest, moderating complaint boards IS much harder than other moderation), but that they point to a poll that has closing elfwoodrants tied as the LEAST popular choice as justification. Um...? Yeah, I fail to see the logic there. Wish I'd been around when that poll first went up. I would have weighed in; probably with the same suggestions I've previously voiced that have been mostly ignored. Oh well! No sleep to lose over that.

Meeting time!

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