Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Squeaky wheels get grease.

I complained very politely to the printing company about the fact that I had to pay $140 extra to ship the books because they didn't go out on their scheduled shipdate, and that the shipdate was not at all as advertised... and they very politely agreed to credit me that $140. Dunno if the several large quote requests I put in at the same time helped facilitate that or not, but I'm a happy Ellen.

Jennie has a place to live! It's a little place, and the neighbors are a little closer than would be ideal, but it's cheap, has a high likelihood of dsl available, and it's clean and not run down.

Inbox cleaning progresses in tired fits and starts.

The headache of yesterday blossomed into a nasty evening-eating affair that had me wimpering under icepacks. It is blessedly GONE today, and makes me aware that it had been dragging me down for several days now.

Finish calendars! Fill orders! Stand on head and recite poetry! Backwards!

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