Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
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Many random things...

Working on the calendars right now... my site, email and ftp are all DOWN (as is dreamhost.com and all the sites I know that host with them....), so that's about what I'm left with. RARGH!! Neeeeeed email!! However, I'm about done with Ursula's, and nearly with the Fairy Court calendar, too... should have them done today, then tomorrow I can tackle the WFIBTRL.

DragonCon was so much fun! It was really fantastic getting to hang out with Kelly and Thomas and meeting Christina and her Mom. I'd link to them, but am too lazy to double-check their LJ usernames....

Pretty much the only con about Dragon*Con in general is that I sold nothing in the artshow. Nada. A little discouraging, but not enough to make me not continue to show, or to lower my prices. Heck, I was having lowball regret and was glad nothing sold at the minimums I set. This way I'll have some originals to offer at the Gulliver's show the month of October, too.

After the con we spent two days with out at my sister-in-law's place in very rural Georgia, which was unbelievably nice... Jennie got a nasty, nasty splinter in her foot, but otherwise, we had a super relaxing time, lounging around reading, eating ice cream bars and fruit by the pond (with entertaining fish!) and doing lots and lots of nothing.

Travelling for 26 hours back was relatively grueling, but then I got a completely revitalizing 3-day weekend with my sweetie. Back at projects with lots of energy. I'm LOVING the way my Angles piece is coming along, even though I can't get a decent picture of it to show off.

Email is down!!! So frustrating! Can't fill orders if email is down!!! Can't answer emails! Crippled! Crippled!


My list of things to do can make your list of things to do CRY. I've got it laid out on my whiteboards, so I'm not going to bother with the whole list here. Wish3 and Keepers of the Forest are high on the list. But I need stupid email to get those going... In fact I need web or email for everything except calendar layout right now.

More calendar stuff for me it is...

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