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Moving sucks.
Building in the rain sucks.
My back sucks.
Not having time for my business or art or writing sucks.
Not remembering to pay bills because you’re moving and building in the rain sucks.
But my husband doesn’t suck, and taking a day off for complete hedonism rocks.

Alright… where did we leave off? Ah, yes, housebuilding. And moving. See, we had to be out of our cabin by Monday (the 2nd). The house, is of course, nowhere near complete, so everything goes into storage. We’ve lived at this cabin for 3 years, shelved the hell out of it because it was pretty tight for two people, a business and a beer-making operation. (Okay, it’s not an operation, but Jake’s got all of the equipment for it, which takes up space.) I had NO idea how much stuff we had. Not so much furniture, because we didn’t have any big appliances, and no couch or anything big like that. Just a couple of dressers, one easy chair, some hutches and a pile of filing cabinets. And boxes and boxes and boxes of stuff, since we couldn’t take the shelves with us. Towards the end of the moving process, we were wholesale tossing things we’d been careful about keeping… useful jars, ends of bags of food, mostly broken appliances (our toasteroven had been sans thermostat for a while, there was a 5-disc CD changer that hadn’t worked that I kept meaning to take apart and see if I could fix). We threw out… I am so embarrassed… 1 complete vanload of stuff, plus three loads in our station wagon. Not just a few things tossed in each load, literally the whole vehicle stuffed to the ceiling, where the last few things were shoved in by one of us while the other shut the door. Jennie, thank you for your best wishes… we needed every one of them.

One of the joys of moving (yes, there ARE joys of moving), is that you get to unpack. You get to layout your new living space, arrange it to your liking, solve problems from your last place, decorate, etc. I *like* unpacking… I do! *whimpers* I don’t get to unpack. Not until the house is finished. I get to live out of suitcases at my parents house feeling like I’m back in High School. Fortunately, my parents are out of town for the month. Thank god for small blessings. I love my parents dearly, and they’ve been wildly helpful for this whole housebuilding expedition. But save me from having to actually live with them.

Lifting the walls (last week) screwed up my back royally. So I’ve been limping around completely unable to help for a while. It’s finally showing signs of easing up, which has been a relief, and during the moving process I somehow mangled my knee and have been limping around on that since Monday. I think that it was scrubbing that did that… we left that cabin in sparkling, wonderful shape, and I scrubbed the hell out of the oven and the shower and the sink and every shelf and surface in that place. Lots of bucket carrying because the drainage system decided to poop out at the last moment. Anyway, one of my awkward scrubbing positions is, I’m sure, the cause of this knee and leg pain. The landlady was super pleased with the results, though, and bought all of our extra wood and the shelving improvements that we’d put in.

Oooo! I have a bathtub for a month, and yesterday Jake and I played hookie from all of our work and I took a long hot bubblebath… With a floaty candle… and Velcro, who insists on being cutely fascinated by water. Ahhhhhh… I got so overheated I had to lie out in the basement on the floor for a while. And we got Italian food delivered (we can’t get delivery at our land or at our last cabin), and we baked a Marie Callendar frozen pie and we took naps and… well I’m not going to tell you what else we did, but it was a verrrry nice day.

*purrr* We needed that. It’s *hard* to be on-on-on all the time, working hard, building, cleaning, moving… My body’s all worn out and I look like I have pinto markings from all the bruises on my legs. I have a whole collection of new scars, too. I’m afraid my drawing calluses are all softening, but I’m getting all kinds of new tool calluses.

It’s pouring out today, so I’m at the dayjob making a token appearance and (obviously) screwing off.

Mirar- I finally got my scanner set up in my parents basement, so maybe I can finally get those plans for you.
Tarlia/Kass- horoscopes will be provided… 12th is the deadline?
Jennie- Have I mentioned that you saved my life during the fair?! Thank you, thank you thank you thank you…
I’m sure there’s more I meant to say.
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