Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

It's the final countdown...

(Which was a song so seriously overplayed in Sweden, that I shall never be able to hear it without picturing Koren.)

Buttoning things up at this end - packing is the biggest thing for the day, along with invoicing the Atlantis books (should be a snap with my program...). I have to call the airlines and figure out what another checked piece will cost; they don't list it on their webpage for some retarded reason...

It's still Tuesday, right? Gah... for some reason, I keep thinking it's Wed already.

Sleep was fitful last night - woke several times with overactive brain, but managed to get back to sleep after scolding myself.

SO looking forward to this trip - it will be a blast, for sure. Get to dress up in costume and talk about art. Gosh, what a hard life! Still nervous, mind you - big cities and airports will do that, let alone a huuuuuge business risk like this. But there's more excitement than fear now.

Catching up on Paypal payments for PA before I go, doing my web/email/CCNOW/etc updates, and then it's in to town to pack and stuff. :)

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