Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Everything's getting away from meeee! Need more lists...

Re-extended calendar file deadline. Mine, not yours, EMG artists... I just can't get these files done before I leave and do a decent job on them. Won't do this so rushed that I make mistakes, which is the point I'm at now.

.Lylah's order - made, ready for delivery
.Other post-fair orders - made, ready for delivery
.DH print service x 2 (+ replacement babydoll)
.PA order
.More t-shirts for Dragon*Con - lots more made, more to make.
.Magnets and bookmarks for Dragon*Con (to cut out on the couch in front of DVD in the evening)
.Paint racks - first coat on
.mail 2 EMG orders
.call Calvin - tried.

.Banner for DC and signs
.call Calvin again
.Matt artwork for show. CHOOSE artwork for the show. Ack. Have to include Between 'cause it's in the scavenger hunt. - Jennie's doing this! Haha!
.Email autoreply
.CCNOW out of office-thingy
.Change LJ/yahoolist email preferences
.invoice Atlantis pre-orders for shipping from Atlanta
.Paypal catchup for PA

Um... let's see, Atlantis books, postcards and bags are all enroute to Kelly... most of the t-shirts and prints and bookmarks are made, plus all the coloring books. Need more small prints, I think. Sample book is looking less likely/more rushed. As usually, I tried to cram too much into this poor week before Dragon*Con. Roll for sanity loss... woops! Feeling mighty uncertain about quantity of goods... 20 thousand people... I just have trouble wrapping my brain around that.

Edit: Huh... checking on my credit cards now, to make sure I'm all paid up and have some spending leeway, and the t-shirt company appears to have credited me the amount of the order I made (remember that double-charge?) - but the original charge doesn't appear anywhere. So I've got a weirdo positive balance. I wonder if that's going to be one of those errors that gets corrected at a terribly inconvenient time. I should probably give them a call and make sure that things are how they're supposed to be.

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