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Had the second EMG Dragon*Con prep meeting, and laid out our schedule for the next week. YIKES! I had nightmares last night that it was the 31st, and I'd forgotten to get on the plane to go...

Looks like the new webpage will launch on Thursday or Friday, so we have time to work any bugs out of it before we leave... I will still be importing at that point, probably, but it will be entirely workable, and better than EMG Lite at that point. I'm more than a little disappointed that I won't get the back-queue up before I go, but there's just not a lot of options at this point. It's not like I haven't been working my fingers off trying!

Ordered bags - sleeves for rolled prints and t-shirt bags for sales at Dragon*Con. It's VERY nice being able to ship to Kelly (Thanks!!!) and bypass the usual 'you're in Alaska? We only ship ground and will have to charge you 50 billion extra dollars to get this to you...' hassle.

Need to call and verify my last t-shirt order.

After some more importing here, I get to design the postcards I'll be giving out at Dragon*Con - for both PA and EMG. Not making two, just one, 'cause everyone would want one of each.

Calendars are the next hurdle after that. Worked on my plate for the FC calendar, pleased so far - I went with purple dress, and a red bird. It's fun painting reflective bits, but a little scary. (No! I can't put RED there! Ahhhh!) I'll probably leave her with white hair, reflecting lots of purple and blue. And no, Morning Breath is not the final title... I'll probably cheese out and call it Frost Fairy Queen or something. Wish I'd had the time and forethought and opportunity to make a tutorial out of the drapery and such.

YO! EMG and PA folks - tomorrow's the deadline for calendar submissions - don't dawdle, eh? I gotta bang these things out in record time, no time to go begging folks for late submissions.

Got positive feedback (of the non-evilBay kind) from an express order I'd sent out last week... very nice stuff, says she'll recommend my services. It's always great to get good follow-ups. :)

Okay, enough o' this, more importing!

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