Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

I hate credit cards...

Getting a migraine, I think.

My t-shirt wholesaler called back saying my credit card was declined - which I was thoroughly surprised by... I'd been making a lot of big purchases on it, so I'd double-checked before I placed my order to see that I still had some wiggle room before I hit my limit. But I needed those t-shirts, so I put the charge on my personal card, and gave my business card a WTF phonecall. Well, the charges HAD cleared - the first time. They'd tried to double-charge me, and the SECOND charges didn't clear. So now, I've got that damn order charged on two separate cards. I called the t-shirt place, and gave them grief, and, while they couldn't take care of it Right Now, they promised to take care of it first thing on Monday, and gave me the personal extension for their billing gal, who said she'd straighten everything out. Fortunately, the personal card has a ridiculous limit, or I'd be more upset.

At least I'll have my t-shirts by Tuesday. So rarh. And this place does have an awesome selection...

Not in a good mood - tracking down artists and sorting through this gawdawful boring admin stuff is my least favorite part of the business, and I've spent ALL morning doing it. Plus the credit card junk. Only three designs QCed and imaged at the new EMG, and my head is *pounding*. It's honestly very depressing seeing how many artists got halfway through the submission process and just didn't bother getting me their images, or sending in their contracts, or whatever. Why did they waste my time? *glower*

Oh well... their loss.

Feeling tired and cranky.

I want to write. Or draw, or something FUN, but I think I need to go lie down and put ice on my eyes for a while instead. I'll feel better after a nap and some food. I don't think I'm entirely over this cold yet, either. Meh.

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