Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

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Stupid Rain.

Damned lumber is soaked. I am soaked. Basement is flooding (old basement, not new). Extention on lease turned down. Damn cold won't leave me alone and has settled into nasty upper resperatory congestion. Would have sinus infection, I'm sure, but antibiotics for UT infection have killed the bugs. Tired. Bruised. Discouraged. Everything has been more expensive than planned. Have to pay my own fucking insurance this month because I'm on leave without pay. Totally dropped the ball on August horoscopes (thank you for covering for me, Kass and Tarlia!). Fair was moderately successful, and meeting Jennie was awesome, and yes, I'm going to have to go to Colorado and kill her for posting that picture. Oh, and it's windy, as well as rainy, so the outhouse seat is soaked everytime I go out to pee.

Foul mood.

Dark cloud.

Great fucking anniversary.

Stupid rain.

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