Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

It got me!!

The fair crud caught up with me...

Energy level is low, head is stuffed, ears make whistling noise when I blow my nose. Meh! The smoke, very thick, does NOT help.

Slogging through emails, making a loooong list of orders/commitments to catch up on, paid off my webhosting for the next year, and WISHING I had kleenex instead of these gawdawful paper towels. Need to order more ink, transfers, t-shirts and otherstuff in anticipation of Dragon*Con... *dies*

The fair was fun. Moving out to a full booth was definitely worth it. Didn't become fabulously rich, but did do well, only one theft (an Angelically Challenged babydoll - they were kind enough to leave me the hanger...), and connected with a lot of folks... might have lined up a bunch of commissions, too, but we'll count on those when the money's on hand...

Webpage making monstrous progress.

Need nap.

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