Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

*gnash teeth*

The printer wrote to me and told me that my books would be shipped by 8/29 'or sooner,' and I had to write back and explain that it had BETTER be sooner, seeing as I catch a plane the morning of 8/31, it takes at LEAST 5 days to ship priority to Alaska, and that's a lot different than the 7-10 days they've been telling me. *glareglareglare*

Yesterday was fabulous at the fair, in terms of sales. It was hot, muggy and thickly smokey, unfortunatey, so I have some rasp to my voice after explaining six billion times that I didn't draw *ALL* of the art. I've met some wonderful people, and re-connected with some yearly acquaintences... it's really fun and flattering meeting people who know who I am and visit my webpage. I was really tickled to watch one woman catch sight of me, demand the phone from her companion and say 'I found it! I found it!' And one super nice fan brought me a bag of ice after listening to me sigh about how hot I was yesterday!

I am, unfortunately, a horrible conversationalist. I'm fine, if you have questions, or a topic, but give me an awkward silence, and I couldn't fill it to save my life. Lucky for me, most of the people come in to talk with me are able to make up for me. :P

I ramble, and should be doing a load of dishes, getting dressed, and going in to make a heaping pile of t-shirts. I can't keep black bad egg baby dolls in stock... and I'm out of all hoodies, too. Nordman's Eclipse prints are all sold out again, and Becca's fairies keep running away. Angellically Challenged, though, that's the one that gets people from the street.

Okay, really going now...

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