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Peer Pressure...

Well, I bent to all of the pressure and got myself a live journal. (Okay, 'all the pressure' consisted of one person inquiring as to whether I had one, but I'm suggestable... thank Sylver!)

I've been terrible about keeping up with my paper journal, so maybe this will be the kick in the rear that I so desperately need.

Sheesh, I'm so out of the habit of journal-keeping, I'm a little lost as to what to write. Start in the now, I suppose. I'm at work (a multi-purpose employee of an Architecture/Engineering firm; I do graphic design, waaaay more drafting than I want to be doing, network stuff, and -my favorite- occationally get to render buildings), I'm a little hungry (about to go indulge in a cup of hot cocoa), and more than a little restless. I want to be doing something towards my business or the rest of my life. Oh yeah... remember the paycheck. I figure I have a couple more years of the grind before I can make a living doing what *I* want to do.

Today's goals: finish (or at least make progress on) Jeffrey's commission. Budget my time better.

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