Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million


I just gave the okay to print with corrections on the Atlantis book. *nervous* The price went up a little changing to gloss, and shipping was more expensive than I'd hoped (stupidgrumbleAlaska...), so I *really* hope I sell them all, or enough of them retail, to make it worthwhile. Just got an unexpected wholesale order from a store in Nebraska, so that's cool! I'm having half of the books shipped media to keep the cost down... compare $360 in shipping to $65 and you'll see why... Next time, allowing MUCH more time for extra proofs and slow shipping. And heck, for every other stage of the thing, too. I was CRAZY to think I could get this done in this time, and I'm glad I allowed myself that 'extra' month...

Got some much-needed PA updates sorted through for my hard-working minions, set up a new artist and such. Now, I gotta get out of my bathrobe and get dressed for the fair.

Also, I have a zit the size of a volcano coming in on my chin. Argh!

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