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Headless chicken! Headless chicken!

Finally wrote to my update list letting them know I was at the fair... five days in...

Had to re-upload the cover to the Atlantis book - they mis-quoted me the spine width, and I decided to upgrade to the glossy paper, which would-a changed it anyway. Got the proof! Looking good! Some magenta shift, they say they can fix that. Yay!

Updated EMG artistslist with the new calendar extension (24th, you slackers*! Open to all EMG and PA members!).

My studio walls are built! They are even sided on the outside, and I can start constructing shelves!! The last window is in! Eee! Progress! Everything will be perfect once I've moved to the new studio!**

Fair continues to do well, if not as stellar as the first days. (Weekdays are generally slower, of course...)

Have orders to fill - lots of 'em. I get up every morning and fill orders for the fair (I'm taking custom orders on t-shirts and prints for next-day pickup, and it's been a hit!), go to the fair, live there for ten or twelve hours taking two minute bathroom breaks, and then sneak home, undress in the livingroom and slide into bed next to an already snoozing husband. Rinse and repeat. I love it though - lots of nice people who say nice things.

I have some sniffles periodically throughout the day, usually when I wake up, and sneezing fits, but don't feel achey or cold like as I usually do at this point in the fair. The 80+ heat helps... muuuuch nicer than the 40 degree shivering in the rain. Energy is good. Need cold coke, though...

*Hey, I'm allowed to call you slackers. You know I love you anyway...

**inside joke, sorry...

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