Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million


I haven't been my usual post whore, because I've been SO busy!

I'm taking it easy today. Not sure yet what that means - I've been doing emails this morning, and I have to do a buttload of dishes... but I know I need an easy me-day in anticipation of the fair on Friday. After that, we've got 9 days in a row of 12+ hours at the fair (plus morning prep) outside in the cold working hard. We set up one of the tents yesterday, and WOW, it looks great. We're going to have an awesome booth. I scored some cheap display racks at Magic Carpet (they're closing! *wail*) - $40 got me a free-standing waterfall style t-shirt rack, a rotating bookmar/card rack that looks *awesome*, and a beautiful, high-quality wooden stacked literature rack. I won't have the book or the mirrors until later in the show, but oh well!

Calendars are driving me nuts... I haven't had three seconds to start designing them, and getting files is always fun. Wish I'd had a little more warning/prep-time, but oh well! I won't know if this is a viable venture without trying! I've got a whole lot of interesting experiments up in the air this year - the book, the calendars, the full booth at the fair, Dragon*Con, Fairy Court, quitting the day job, having an in-state minion, the new printer(s), and the new laminator (which I'm not real pleased with, actually - I think I bought a piece of crap...)

Um... art now.

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