Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

July Review and August goals

Okay! Did I make my July goals, no, but I didn't do too terribly:

Finish Jenny/Bjorn rough draft - ugh...
Finish Viridian
Rough sketch Angles on new paper
Design card back and border for game - umm...
One 'other' PA or commissioned piece
Pay Artists, asap
Finish Atlantis book and deliver to printer, post final list to EA forum
Add new artists to EMG Lite - er...
Followup emails to INATS contacts - ooo..
Fairy art article for New Age Retailer - eek!
Order to MotherLode - waiting on payment
Secure housing for Jennie. (Tent in yard? :P)
Prep for fair
Plane tickets and hotel for Dragon*Con

So basically, I still have a few longterm projects that I haven't made enough (any...) progress on. (Novel, card game, webpage...) But considering the EA book (waaaay more work than I thought), and the unexpected calendar project, and the week of whining, well, not too terrible. Plus, I had an encouraging workload of orders to fill, and DID get some 'weekends' and did get my inbox down under 50 and did get several new art pieces worked on. I need to go back to my regimented hour or two of art in the morning in a bad way - lots on my plate right now - and the nine days of fair are liable (very certainly) to wreak havoc on my schedule, so I've got to take that into account when I make August plans. That, and Dragon*Con. Oy!

So, next month:

The Fair.
Artwork that must be finished: Polly + one other Camilla piece, #13, Chainmail, small cheap-o pieces for sale at Dragon*Con.
Calendars - 3 designed, laid out and sent to the printer by the 12th!

Aaand.... that's all. Honestly, that will be plenty. I'm not going to stress out over the novel, or the cardgame, but the other huge projects MUST be done. I have to have a fully functional webpage by Dragon*Con. I have to do the fair (12+ hours a day for 9 days) and hope for a spending kind of audience. I HAVE to prep for DragonCon and have my ducks in order about what I'll bring down... so little space! and weight! I have to get the files for the calendars (3 of them!) in... I won't have them in time for DragonCon, no how, but that's not a flexible deadline. If they come in in time (they SHOULD), I also have to ship the Atlantis pre-orders.

And I'll have HELP, most astonishingly! Jennie is moving up here - should be here in the next few days, depending on how the drive went. We will be too busy to think during the fair, and after that, she'll be house-hunting, and busting butt on the webpage, and then we'll be getting prepped for Dragon*Con... it'll be fun. Projects!

Just finished making 60 bookmarks (takes about an hour to do that many, I timed myself...) and about ready to sit down and tackle 60 or so more. Gotta have lots of stock for the fair! Hopefully the new spot will get a lot of traffic. I HOPEHOPEHOPE the tents I got are the right size...

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