Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million


Portait Adoption site problems are grittier than I thought. *snarl* It overwrites the cgi files BEFORE the rebuild, so I can't do my usual seamless work-around. I did a massive adopted update, which took WAY too long, and I probably won't do that again. Period. Rarh.

Pain in my butt.

Velcro's misery was indeed the equivalent of a 24 kitty-flu - thank you SO much for all your support and ideas. When I snoozed through the first alarm this morning, she came and put her paws on the side of the bed (she's not allowed up and knows it) and miaoued to remind me that she hadn't been fed yet, and hadn't it been ages since she'd been fed, and wasn't it time for me to get up and feed her and why was I still in bed when I could be feeding her? (She is, for the still-curious, about 4-5 years old; a rescue kitty, so we're not real sure, and short-haired.)

Re-uploading a chunk of Atlantis pages - somehow the pdf file didn't entirely make it to their end. They say I should definitely still have my proof by the 8th for the fair!

Put in an order for mirrors today, which I will also have by the 8th! And I have to order calendars today, too. I was waiting for one more artist to get back to me, shall have to rattle their cage.

Started working on a coloring commission for customization on one of my PA pieces.

Got caught up on orders yesterday, I think... except for a late-day adoptions.

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