Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million


Velcro's sick.

I woke up about midnight to her hurking nearby, and got up to clean it up - she managed to fill up my bra with the stuff, and get it all over my pants leg. It was also pale in color, so I didn't notice another pile over on the beige rug as I was clumping over to the hamper. Ew. Squishy cat puke between the toes. Way, WAY grossed out.

Cleaned up (disinfected!) myself and went back to bed. Another round of puking, on Jake's side, this time. Cleaned that up. We were wide awake by this point, and had no sleep for several hours after. Cat puked again, this time out in the study.

Slept in a little this morning, but Velcro's not bounced back from this one... she hasn't asked for breakfast or offered to get up, she's just curled up miserably upstairs. That in itself is unusual - she's almost always on the same floor I'm on. She purrs when I pet her, and then just puts her head back down.

I'll keep an eye on her, and if she's not feeling better by the time I go into town, I'll put a call into the vet. Poor kitty! Makes me wonder what she ate. The last and only other time she's been like this, Jake was also, and the culprit was undoubtedly bad pizza. I can't find anything that would have caused it this time.

EDIT: I think she'll live. She just came downstairs, not real perky, but went at once to her food dish and glared at me when she discovered it was empty. She's drinking now.

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