Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million


Well, I signed away my life and paid for the Atlantis books! Some of the files wouldn't unzip at that end, so I'm re-uploading a few of the pdf files. The proof will be express mailed to me - so I could have it Monday! Glee! Might be later in the week, but could be that early. I'm sort of frozen with doubt - did I do a good job? I'm not a layout person, per se, and will people like what I did? The pages weren't full-bleed, and actually had quite a margin requirement - will it look stupid? Will the bios look cluttered? With the different paper look silly? (That, at least, I can pay $50 more to upgrade, which is only .25 a book...) Will it look amateur and stupid? Did I make the right decisions on those last few layouts I waffled over and kept switching back and forth? Will they sell? Ahhh... too much thinking like that...

Inbox is down to 136 messages, and I'm plugging away like mad.

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