Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Ah, relief!

Okay, uploading the rest of the Atlantis files to the server now... even zipped they are a monstrous 300 Megs each, and take about 3 hours to upload. Like a FOOL, I did not set the upload to run overnight. Looks like I may have to tonight.

Got excellent news from the calendar printer - and YES, there will be several EMG calendars this year. Real ones, not the semi-crappy things I tried last year and got overcharged for significantly.

Worked on the Angels piece, Yay!

Got a commission lined up today! Yay!

I have StarGate, yay!

I've been self-shrinking a bit - and am really feeling like I'm better balanced than I was. Jake is less sad, I'm less freaked out. I've been eating religiously and taking evenings free no matter how much stuff I have to do.

Money's under control - EMG is not exactly rolling in it, but plenty buffered enough to purchase calendars and the book, and the fair is OMG - just a week and a half away!! Sheesh!! Okay, so much for lack of panic.

(And, funny story! I almost bought the wrong tickets to Dragon*Con... I had actually entered my credit card information and was ready to press go, when Jake asks all casually - "Did you double-check your dates?" Nah, I remember stuff good. But... the way my life's been going... okay, I'll go pull up the Dragon*Con webpage. OH. 2-5, eh. Not the next weekend, eh? Would *I* have felt dumb as a rock when I saw all the con reports the weekend before I was scheduled to fly down and MISSED it because I was such a moron!)

No, I'm not Canadian, eh.

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