Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

I'm allowed to rock my own socks...

I needed a pat on the back, and I know better than to wait around for someone to give me one unasked, so I made up a list, for me, so that I can feel less like I work and work and work and accomplish nothing.

Oh, and by the way, there is almost nothing as irritating as being told: we need you, we need you, we need you! and getting to work (when I could be building my house) and not having the work ready for me to do. I hate being bored at work. Their money, I guess...

Accomplishments in Fandom/art-dom over the past year... (yes, shameless lookatmeness; don't care, don't click)

Rushwater Holt:
Two or three Currents articles, misc not-so-hot art, half dozen Ask Lovemaker's. Participated in the Olympics (that was less than a year ago, no?), and did 1 (two?) art exchange(s). Also, did the cover, printing and mailing of the 2002 calendar, as well as membership prints and magnets. Albei a few months late. I continue to plug along at those pesky tarot cards.

Four or five Woodworks articles, seven months of horoscopes. Some organizational cheerleading. Continue to sell EW T-shirts and mousepads, and field questions regarding said T-shirts that 90% of the time don't lead to sales. Manage to update gallery four or five times.

8 published short stories, a handful of co-authored, four still going through edits, and the groundwork for nine+ more stories, some of them already exceeding 40 pages. About 50 illustrations, for my own stories and others, all rough pencils, but hey, they seem happy with them.

Ellen Million Graphics:
Yes, I'm behind on orders, but I have managed to get several hundred of them out over past year, and get a major catalog out, plan out some future expansions, keep fairly well stocked, and not burn the business down in frustration. That last has taken a heap of willpower. I also did the fair in the last year, and survived Christmas bazaars. I have not run out of money. Quite. And I managed to finagle Jennie into coming to help me survive this year's fair. I have emails to catch up on, but I still manage to answer a few every night.

Things I have not done yet:
Two commissions and the mailing of a third and fourth. The RWH tarot cards. Scanning the houseplans for Mirar.

I think these things stack out well next to each other.

Oh, and of course, I have been ALSO been working full time, building a house, maintaining a marriage, dealing with severe hypolgycemia and back pain, trying to keep the house clean and do laundry and such, and getting my cat time in.

I swear to little green gods that if I hear anyone, ANYONE, complain that 'I don't have time to help with such and so...,' I'm gunna puke. Lack of inspiration, sure, I'll buy that. Lack of motivation, lack of money, whatever. But if I can squeeze this outta my life, I don't want to hear 'I didn't have time to send you that thing I promised/read that story/draw that picture/read your email/...'

I feel purged. *grins*

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