Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million


Making my poor laptop smoke today... I've got a 120 Meg file uploading to my server (the Visions covers), I'm running pdf create on the color pages (that file will be Heeeuuuge), I've got photoshop stewing over a calendar design template, I've got several web windows open, and I'm getting 'your C: drive is almost full!' complaints from windows. Meh. Deleted some older duplicate files and cleared up a couple-a hundred megs. Debating over deleting the raw Atlantis files at this point. On the one hand, they should all be compiled into page if they're going to be. On the other, I'm a scaredycat about deleting file I might someday need...

Soon, it's into town to fill orders (I do actually have several, horrah!), and have lunch with my darling husband and do some artwork - I'm back in the groove there, at least. I crash'n'burned at grindstone again, but I did manage several k in fiction, which is better than I've managed in two months, I think, so YAY. Silly Kadanzer fanfic, mostly. I'll have to send the K'bort bit I did to Ron and see if it's worth finishing.

Much to do!

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