Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

I'm done?

I just have to compile the pages into pdfs, I think... and find out the width of the spine to do the cover final file. I did go ahead and index all the art - it's a nifty touch, and was a wonderful double-check. I also had to re-alphabetize the bios in a couple of places - I had Terrell alphabetized by her first name, doh! And Jen has a psuedonym, and I couldn't figure out that Ochs came AFTER Obrecht... :P I also found a number of weirdo fonts and characters from copy-pasting bios out of email, fixed all those. And numbered pages that it fit gracefully on. And checked all the titles and spellings. And tweaked, and tweaked and tweaked. But I think it's done...

My marvelous husband brought me home flowers on Wednesday. And rented me more StarGate. :) So, now rather goggle-eyed from the computer and feeling somewhat at a loss (what? I'm done? Really? No, there's some mistake...), I realize I'm STARVING, and it's time to go watch above-mentioned StarGate and have some lunch.

Then, compile files and deliver and be completely done.

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