Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Back, ye!

Monsters have been beaten back with barbeque chips, fried chicken, homemade Mac and Cheese, mandarin orange slices and a StarGate. Man, who COULD be unhappy faced with that?

So close! Got all the bios done, and updated a bunch of minor niggly stuff on other pages... I'm ready to do a full page print and take stock, plus consider doing the index thang.

Printing, and then it's back to slogging through EMG pay... end is in sight!

It's grindstone this week, so I'm semi-planning an evening of writing... not sure what, yet. Desperately need to get a Torn World timeline/rough to Laura, and finish Jenny/Bjorn, but there are sweet, sweet Kadanzer plots calling to me, too. I may take the fun route... I deserve fun, I do.
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