Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Monday, bloody monday!

In some ways, not ready to face another week. In other ways, grateful the weekend's past and I can distract myself with work again.

Nearly finished with the stupid EA book. (No, it's not stupid, it's beautiful, but I'm ready to be done already.) Just three more bio pages (would be just two if I hadn't saved over the wrong file like an idiot), the editors notes (just layout - words are done), and then a full printed proof to check all the names and titles and page numbers. Not sure at this point I'll index the thing - it was a nice idea, but OY what a hassle.

Couldn't get started this morning on finishing EMG pay because email was down. *sigh*

Inner monsters are larger and louder than usual.

My goals today are simple: finish the EA book. Finish EMG pay.

If that's ALL that happens, oh well. I have lots of stuff I'd like to do, but I haven't got the energy today to set my usual lofty goals, and couldn't handle the letdown if I didn't meet them.

Just gotta think not-too-hard about everything and power through the day. Off to do so.

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