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*pant pant pant*

I am sooo stressed.

Okay... First of all, our hangers have not been shipped yet. We cannot make progress on the house until we have those hangers. I am displeased. I am worried. We have to be living in this house by Sept 1, and I have already resigned myself to no plumbing and no electricity. No window and doors would be inconvenient. No roof may be cold and windy. No second floor would be a pain. No first floor presents a serious problem. The hangers are supposed to be shipped on monday. Cross your fingers for me.

Pictures: http://pub75.ezboard.com/fellenmilliongraphicsfrm13

Also, the fair starts Friday, and Jennie's coming on Wednesday. My house is a WRECK, I have no idea what I'm going to do with my business if mom and dad decide to lease their house for the months of September and October. I'm concerned that I haven't properly prepared Jennie for the level of rustic-ness that is my life.

I have an outhouse, and the shower is in the kitchen. The floor isn't really a floor, it's just a subfloor: raw, splintery plywood, and it wasn't constructed very well (ours will be... if we can ever GET it constructed). The kitchen shelving is all 2 x 4s. The lighting sucks. We don't have a couch. The TV sits on the floor, stacked with the vcr and stereo. The living room/dining room area is smaller than most bedrooms. The wood stove has about as much room as my 'office.'

*sigh* That's how you save $X0,000 in one year, I guess. I'd gotten used to it, and didn't really give it a lot of thought until I had to offer it up as acceptable lodging to someone else. I don't really think Jennie will mind a lot, but I think I'm a little embarrased. Somewhat over my housekeeping, too... there are corners of this house that haven't seen a dustrag since we moved in. Reminds me, I need to go chase the spiders out of the outhouse and change the styrophoam. Don't worry Jennie, no moths. Or very few, at least... I haven't seen one in a few weeks.

Okay... a bracing cup of Arrogant Bastard Ale, and I'm off to sweep squirrel crap (my slingshot is ready... little chewing, theiving, dirty, noisy bastards...) out of the sauna cabin and see if it would be better to put Jennie out there or on the living room floor. She can decide when she gets here, I think. Five boxes have been packed, and I want to order a connex box this week to start storing things in.

I think I need some drawing time. I'm getting a little crazy. And I miss my online/email connections.

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