Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Hot Cheese to the Roof of the Mouth

No, really... I had some overheated pizza last night that actually *blistered* the top of my mouth. It burst this morning, and now there's a really, really raw spot up there that my tongue keeps playing with. Sucks.

Our basement walls are *finally* up, and we are *finally* to the point of actually doing some work on the house!!! Hoorah!!! I'm going to be out of touch a lot for the next month or two... we have to be out of our current dwelling by Sept 1, and there's a *lot* of work to do to have a livable place by then. We can't get power lines in until October, and I fully expect not to have water or wiring or interior siding when we move in. I'll be grateful if we have insulation, windows or doors. Alright, alright, my sights are even lower than that: I want a roof!!!! If we have a roof, I'll be happy!!

Ee-nteresting happenings at Elfwood... much thinking and reconsideration required that probably won't happen. Not my bag, baby. I'm just another termite that will do what I can and keep my hands out of this pie.

Also, had some thoughts on how *wrong* things can be taken, and how easy it is to sound... conceited. I wrote a blurb lj-Elfwood, and added at the end, a snip about how I'm willing to pay for things I care about. First thoughts on the matter: spur them into action! Lead by example! Fight the good fight! Second thoughts: Boy, I wonder if I sound like I'm blowing my own horn. 'See how generous I am, see how wonderful I am!' Third thoughts: Ellen, you over-analyze things. Go back to drafting and hush up.

I owe lots of you people emails and comments, and it's not going to happen soon. Please be patient with me! I won't be checking LJ often anymore until I'm back at work full time again. I love you all...

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