Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million


So, I'm considering a nervous breakdown.

The brochure looks so nice. No deadlines, no one expects much more of you than rocking in a corner, and those lovely jackets are fitted so sweetly. I bet they give you skookum pain drugs, too.

More seriously, I badly, badly need a respite. Every little setback sends me dangerously close to tears. Just a cumulative effect of the laundry list of bad luck lately, but no less frustrating for knowing what it is.

I may flee next week with my laptop one day to Chena Hot Springs and do some writing, soaking, writing, soaking, art, soaking, or possibly just soaking. Jake's away on business Monday and maybe Tuesday night... maybe I'll call and see if I can't get an overnight reservation.

I DEFINITELY need a massage/chiro adjustment, and I don't think that can wait until next week, or even tomorrow. Calling now...
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