Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Thank you!

... to everyone who deciphered my bad-keyboard gibberish and offered suggestions. It was an old piece of cr*p anyway, so I'll probably plunk down the money for a cheap new one. I would have picked on up at Sam's Club tonight, but they only had the $78 wireless bellsnwhistles that I don't need. Serves me right for drinking near the computer.

Bought a tent to do the fair with. Two of them, actually.

And some other stuff.

Very, very tired. In lots and lots of pain, can hardly do over-shoulder checks while driving without sort of seizing in agony. Stairs hurt. Walking hurts. Sitting hurts. Need to schedule a chiro in a bad way.

Didn't get what I wanted to done today.

Didn't take a lunch break.

Argued with husband.

Cat is disdainful.

Tomorrow will be another day.

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