Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Got to get better!

I'm now suspecting that the problem with the 1280... is with the 1280.

Let's back up.

I went snivelling home last night, crawled into bed, and cried myself to sleep. When I woke up, Jake gave me big hugs, and reminded me that even if everything is a complete failure, hey, at least I've had a great time the last several months and he still loves me. I blubbered some more, and confessed that my back was killing me (and had been all week), we made pizza, I iced my back and took some muscle relaxants, and things (as they tend to) looked better.

I made a grand plan for today, and went to bed with an eyepack on my eyes to fight my blossoming migraine. (Gotta love stress.)

I woke up and completed my migraine battle with pain pills and lots of caffiene, made sausage gravy and biscuits, cleaned the kitchen, and drove in with my laptop to CONQUER the printers.

I also got up to an inbox of support and happy thoughts from the best friends and nicest people that anyone could ever ask for. That's a fabulous help on things like moods and spirits.

But of course... it's still not happy happy fun time with printers.

The laptop has Windows XP. I would happily, instantly upgrade this crappy system to XP if it had come with an XP disc, but of course, it only comes with a 'laptop recovery' disc that has XP embedded, and I'm pretty sure that wouldn't work on the desktop. But, being a laptop, I can just bring it into town, install the drivers, and print away. My grand plan involved installing ONLY the 1280, printing the orders that I need this sucker for, and THEN installing the 4000 to test run them together. Worst case scenario, I just have to bring my laptop in and out of town.

Not so easy, though... I've installed the drivers 3 times now. First time, though it said it installed, the printer didn't show up. Reboot. Nothing there. Reinstall. Won't print. (Communication error! USB port not recognizing device!) Completely uninstall, reboot, reinstall. It complains it can't find the printer. Click retry, install complete! Won't print. (same error.) I've just completely uninstalled (ink monitor, too), done a reboot with rest, and am mid install now...

Okay! 'successful install' followed by 'cannot start print job' from Notepad = one more reboot before nasty pissed call to Epson. This is ridiculous.

Hmm... okay, one more thing I'll try is disabling virus autoprotects... that can screw with these things.

Lalala... how I love technology!

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