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low, low end to the week...

Everytime I think, it can't get worse, it manages to.

I am at wits end.

My Epson 1280 WILL NOT PRINT.

My Epson 4000 will not recognize the paper sizes I tell it.

Epson help had no idea how to help me, because their pro-graphics technical service doesn't cover the 1280, and they didn't know what to do with my paper size problem, and the desktop (1280) people have no idea what to do with a 4000 driver conflict. Hey, why should I expect their drivers to cohabitate if their technical support won't talk to each other? Also, they find it laughable that I'm still running Windoze 98.

Believe me, I'd go upgrade to XP today, if I had one single red cent left in any of my accounts that wasn't earmarked for purchases. I don't know how I'm going to afford what I've already committed to... the books, dragon*con plane tickets, I haven't gotten ANY followup from INATS. No purchases through the storefront, not since I put up EMG Lite. Zero in. Thousands of dollars spilling out of my hands with no return. After the bomb of a Con I just heard back from, I'm wondering if Dragon*Con is even worth doing?

Once again, completely dead in the water, second-guessing every decision I've made this year.

I just want to sit down and cry.


But hey, great excuse for a new userpic, I guess...
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