Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Grumpy, Part II


Having another spinning-my-wheels kind of a day.

Didn't art first, but I painted a few hours last night, so I consider that okay.

I have orders to go fill, and plane tickets and hotels to reserve, and this darn book to finish, and SO many emails to write back to, and... and... and...

It's rainy and misty and my back hurts, and I just want to curl up on the couch with the cat and pout.

My cryptic ego-smooshing last night was the results of InConJunction. I sold a whopping $5. I wasn't really expecting to sell *everything*, but I wasn't exactly hoping to lose $51, ya know? It was my first mail-in Con, and either a) I did something wrong, b) My art does not sell, or c) the Con stunk. In today's mood, naturally I'm leaning towards a or b... but it won't keep me down for long.

In fact, here, have an auction: My first ACEO original. Have some original Ellen art, starting at .99!

Only black and white, but if bidding goes high enough, I'll custom color it. Hmm.. shoulda put OOAK in the title, probably. Any input welcome. I might not bite. I've got two more I might post, and two LEs at home to eventually post, too. We'll see how these go - they sure are fun! I might do some for trade even if I can't sell 'em.

'Nuff fun stuff, gotta run into town and do orders and EMG pay now. Soooo behind.

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