Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million


I spent most of yesterday convinced it was Thursday, so I was happy to find that actually TODAY is, and I have a whole extra day in this week.

A moment of silence for those lives senselessly lost in London this morning. Or last night. During my period of nightly Internet oblivion.


Painted for nearly two hours this morning, with the very legitimate excuse that Jennie offered to buy me clearance Genesis paints if I liked the ones I'd just bought, and that meant, well, gee, I had to try them out. I do like them, so I'll be putting in a request for some colors and thinning medium. I love the idea of being able to dry them WHEN I WANT. It took 3 months for the last oil painting that I did to dry to the touch, and that was just absurd. And I hate how quickly acrylics dry up, so... fun stuff.

Means I have less of today to get stuff done than I'd like, though! I'd really, really, really like to get the final layout on the book pages done today so I can put all those artists out of their anxiousness! And paaaay artists! Must do that. (Forgot the stupid paperwork in town or I would've done that first thing).

'Nuff of me...

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