Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million


Okay, flippancy aside, prints spooling neatly (and quickly!!) off of the printer, it's past time for some Jooly goals! We're already a week in!

First, the book. I want to send the files in for proofing tomorrow, if possible, Monday if not. Monday's okay, really.

Even firster, I gotta pay artists! Eep!

I want, at at least some point in this month, to have NO portraits in the queue to go up at PA.

I want to get all the artists-in-limbo into EMG Lite.

I gotta find Jennie a place to live.

I gotta clean the cat box.

I REALLY want to finish my novel. That capitalization was caused by a mis-hit capslock, but seems appropriate.

I want to get the card border and back design done for my game.

I want to do two SDs or complex PA pieces. (Or alternately, commissions)

I want to revamp two of my older EMG designs for re-release.

I want my inbox down to one page at some point.

I need to buy a tent for the fair.

Oh, crud! I gotta write that article for New Age Retailer, still! And follow up on some of those contacts.

Finish Jenny/Bjorn rough draft
Finish Veridian
Rough sketch Angles on new paper
Design card back and border for game
One 'other' PA or commissioned piece
Pay Artists, asap
Finish Atlantis book and deliver to printer, post final list to EA forum
Add new artists to EMG Lite
Followup emails to INATS contacts
Fairy art article for New Age Retailer
Order to MotherLode
Secure housing for Jennie. (Tent in yard? :P)
Prep for fair
Plane tickets and hotel for Dragon*Con

Hmmm... I'm probably missing something - I'll update this when I've checked my whiteboards at home.

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