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I can feel this day flying out of my hands already, so it's time for more lists. Nope, not the big July goals, yet, just today's list...

Just dumped a pile of money into ISBNs, and got the quote from the printer, so I'm ready to post pre-ordering. Except that I have to build that page. So, nearly ready there...

PA desperately needs some attention, so I'm doing some cleanup work there, and then I have a 2 print orders to express mail, supposing I can get my STUPID PRINTERS working...


So, that must-do-today list:

Post (2) new PA pieces and all claim site pieces
Pay artists (PA and EMG)
Express orders (2)
Post pre-order page for Atlantis
Post pre-order info to EA
Post ACEOs (if time) to Ebay
Invoice to DH
Invoice to KM
Webimages to A

Okay, then, best get going...

Oh! And go Dreamhost - they upped my bandwidth and disc space to technically ridiculous.

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